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Being able to unlock date and time settings in patient info

 I see where I would be able to change the date and time under info, but it's just locked. Let me know what you figure out.Also, going forward, is there a way this feature can be accessible to us and not locked? (similar situations have happened in the past and we have just re-made flowsheets, as we haven't been that far in, but this would be ideal.

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  • Nov 15 2017
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    Ben Nitschke commented
    December 01, 2017 13:51

    Hi there! Thank you very much for adding an idea! That would be very helpful for us if you wouldn't mind providing us with some details regarding your request. Could you please let us know wherefore would you like to change the date and time set through the Patient Information window? Do you mean that sometimes it happens that you accidentally select a wrong date during patient creation and when you want to change it - it's locked? Or do you want to change the start time for treatments? You could use our "Move Highlighting" option for this aim. Please check out THIS FAQ to see if this might help you.

  • Jennifer H commented
    21 Feb 17:49

    We use the incoming board to place our patients for the week into Smartflow.

    The reasoning for wanting to change the date/time would be that sometimes the wrong date/time is added. Then instead of being able to just edit that value, we have to delete the whole patient and fill in all info again. This can be time consuming if multiple patients have the incorrect date/time.