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"Alias", "Alternate Name" or "AKA" names for procedures

For procedures and meds, could we have an additional field name that could be searchable keywords, so if I am looking for a "thoracocentesis" I could also search "chest tap", "thoracentesis", etc and then thoracocentesis will come up as a procedure?? we have so many different names for procedures, and this would expedite the ordering process, while making the medical record more consistent (the medical record would always show thoracocentesis).

For medications, it would be nice to be able to have short forms, such as "Hydro" show on the medication line (to save space) of the flowsheet, however the full name Hydromorphone would be present in the medical record. 

This may be two different features, or perhaps as simple as three lines:

Name on flowsheet:________

Name in Medical Record:_______

Keyword search:________

Could set the first two to default to the same unless changed by the user?

Thanks for considering!

  • Andrea Steele
  • Nov 29 2017
  • Open For Voting
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