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Fluids to the 100th place Merged

For CRIs listed under Fluids, we would like the dosing to be rounded to the 100th place not the tenths place (i.e. want a CRI for 0.08 mls/hr not rounded to 0.1 mls/hr.) I know that we can do this under the "medications" section, but the "Fluids" section should have the ability as well. 

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  • Dec 25 2017
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    20 Sep, 2018 07:27pm

    We are also experiencing the same issue with our medications parameter as well.  For example: Glycopyrrolate had a dose entered at 0.005mg/kg, but it appears on the flowsheet at 0.1mg/kg (DOUBLE the actual dose!).  Please fix this ASAP!

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    2 Jan, 2018 12:17pm

    This can be critically important, especially in smaller patients. Example: fentanyl CRI for 4mcg/kg/hr is running at 0.18mls/hr. 5mcg/kg/hr runs at 0.23mls/hr. Both doses round to 0.2mls/hr. We have taken to writing the correct rate in the notes section for the mcg/kg/hr to ensure CRI is being dosed appropriately.

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