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#7382 Not possible to save parameters with 'once' highlighting in treatment templates

Smartflow web version: 1.1.1

Smartflow iPad version: 13.2.167

Browser version: any 
BUG category/Summary of the issue: [Web,iPad] Not possible to save parameters with 'once' highlighting in treatment templates 
Actual result: If saving parameter with 'once' frequency in treatment template, then when creating a patient from this template, then this parameter is not actually highlighted (but in calculator it shows 'once' however) 
Expected result: When patient is created with some treatment template, then all parameters with 'once' template should be highlighted once. 
Workaround: no workarounds.
Steps to reproduce: 

1. Add parameter "Radiograph" to the flowsheet and give it 'once' frequency. It will be highlighted in specified time

2. On Settings / General make sure you have non-fixed templates mode and all flowsheets begin at 1:00 

3. Return to flowsheet and save it as a template

4. Then create a patient from that template. Assume that it is 8:30 am now. 

Result:  "Radiograph" will be added to patient`s sheet but will have no highlighting, however in calculator it will be shown 'once'. 

Expected:  "Radiograph" is highlighted at 8:00 am.



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  • Feb 14 2018
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