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I want a setting that lets you charge for a full bottle of a drug when it's added under PROCEDURES, but no charge under MEDICATION section.

If you want to charge for a full bottle of something, say, Ampicillin, and also administer this product (per ml) in the medication section, you would have to have 2 items- one billable (full bottle) to track charges, and one non-billable (per ml) to track administration

When integrated with Ezyvet, you have the ability to map an inventory item to Smart Flow and name it whatever you want (usually reflecting the actual name and size of the item).

Ideally, there would be a setting that allows you to tell Smart Flow that an item is a 'FULL BOTTLE' charge and that if it's entered under PROCEDURES than it is billable, and if it is entered under MEDICATIONS it is not billable.

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  • Mar 16 2018
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    Ben Nitschke commented
    30 Aug 21:13

    Does our "Add treatments" feature solve this problem?