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Non-abbreviated drug information on anesthesia sheet.

Currently once an anesthesia sheet is finalized there is no way to accurately see the total doses of drug given, depending on the naming of the drug in the system.  Once administered the drugs on the preoperative sheet cannot be accessed to view full dosing information.  On the monitoring sheet there is a bit more information and the finalized Anesthesia Record PDF has drug and volume listed, but this still takes backtracking to determine actual dose (mg) given.

It would be nice if on the preoperative sheet the procedures got their own 1-2 lines and that the pre-op and induction drugs share a line as two columns rather than being squished and abbreviated.

Likewise on the finalized anesthesia record PDF it would be nice if the drugs given show drug, volume and milligrams given.

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  • Mar 19 2018
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