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Daytime-only treatments/procedures e.g. physiotherapy

Example -

We want to prescribe physiotherapy to be administered every 4 hours but only during daytime hours, not overnight when the patient will be sleeping.

At the moment we are only able to choose the start time and frequency for the procedure, so it populates highlighted boxes through 24 hours. We then have to manually remove all of the overnight highlighted boxes.

If we had an option like shown in the attached pdf, we could select at the time of prescribing whether the treatment/procedure timings should exclude particular periods of the day or night.

This would save us time by avoiding having to manually delete the highlighted boxes during the overnight period, for example.
It would also avoid issues that arise when highlighted boxes remain for procedures that aren’t required at that time, because they have been missed during manual deletion.

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  • Apr 30 2018
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