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#9763, 10010 "Additional time-slots": the treatments were set on PC (e.g. at 5pm and 5am) and next day the treatments were at 3pm and 3am on iPad (instead of time slots set up by doctor)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set the treatments (e.g. at 5pm and 5am) at PC
  2. Check (in 2-3 days) if the treatments changed their settings on Smartflow Sheet (e.g. to 3pm and 3am) on iPad 

Actual result: Sheets for the next day are showing up as 3 am to 3 pm even though if you look at the setting the setting still says 5 to 5 pm. So, an extra time slot (1-2 hours) came up for medications between intended time slots. It occurs for some (not for all) patients, "from time to time". 

Expected result:  Sheets for the next day are showing up the time: 1)on flowsheet and 2)at the settings.

Workaround: e.g. to set 12 and every 12 hrs:  put it a different time and let it reset, and then go back in and change it back to 12 and every 12 hours.

  • Sergei Novikov
  • Jul 13 2018
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  • Guest commented
    July 16, 2018 08:57

    This is the second client with this issue (from #9763):

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