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The user unable to generate the consolidated statements in CSV format (e.g. to validate the records created in Smartflow are indeed carried over into EzyVet accurately)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter into your account on Smartflow.

  2. Try to find information which summarizes data regarding patients:

    reports of all the pdf-files (SF-billings reports) in an Excel output displaying the line item detail from the Smartflow’s end;

  3. Try to find information grouped by EMR's (e.g. ezyVet) invoice numbers for all records in Smartflow (e.g. since Jan 1, 2018).

    I.e. try to create EMR's invoice/clinical SF-record detail report to compare the list of items between the two (EMR's invoice and SF-clinical record).

  4. Try to export Smartflow billing results  to a table where aggregration at EMR's invoice level for billing can be easily QC’d (since the Smartflow billing is generated a pdf only).

  5. Try to export parameters with the headings of "Display Name, Section, EMR Name, Billing/Events On/Off" in CSV Spreadsheet format.

    Try to generate the consolidated patient statements in CSV Spreadsheet format (e.g. since Jan 1, 2018).

Actual result:  The user cannot get this information.

Expected result: The user can get mentioned info.

Workaround: Contact Support Team (to investigate some issues).

Customer impact: Affects (probably) all the clinics (at least 10 clinics send complaints regarding this issue).

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  • Jul 14 2018
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    October 26, 2018 18:13

    This would be very helpful.