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#10022 Analytics filters do not convert "lbs" into "kilograms" (and "kilograms" into "lbs")

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select "lbs"  in Settnigs --> General --> "WEIGHT UNITS" (see screenshot #1)
  2. Create your own filter in "Analytics", enter your value into "Weight(lbs)" box  in this filter  (this value enters in lbs, because you selected "lbs" in Step 1,  see screenshot #2)
  3. Save this filter  "Save as", e.g., call him "Test" (see screenshot #3)
  4. Select "kg"  in Settnigs --> General --> "WEIGHT UNITS" (see screenshot #4)
  5. Choose the filter you created (remember: this filter have to contain your  Weight-value in "lbs", see screenshot #5)
  6. Check what you've got in "Weight(kg)" box of your filter:  the test  Weight-value in lbs from Step 2 converted into kilograms, because you choosed  "kg" in Step 4? (see screenshot #6)

Actual result: The user can see in his custom filter the same value in "lbs-mode" and  "kg-mode".

Expected result:  The value should be converted (from lbs into kilograms).

Workaround: Do not change  Settnigs --> General --> "WEIGHT UNITS".

Customer impact: Affects (probably) all the clinics.

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  • Jul 16 2018
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