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Remove the ability to edit the email which records are sent to after discharge

There is an area in Settings>Documents Management where you enter an email address which you would like files to be sent to when a patient is discharged from an iPad.

Currently, it is possible for any person logged into a Smart Flow account via an iPad to edit/change the email address which PDF documents are being sent to (when you discharge a patient from an iPad, a pop-up comes up and allows you to change the email address if you'd like to). If this email address is edited from an iPad, it changes the email address on ALL the iPads, as well as in the Settings > Documents Management. 

It is cumbersome to change back and forth when clinic staff take it upon themselves to change this when using an iPad, but management has set the setting from the back end already. 

The ability to change this email address should be fully removed - or have the ability to change the email address 'locked'.

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  • Aug 7 2018
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