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More options for user input on forms - make them more user friendly and easily readable!

I would like to have a series of Yes / No questions on my forms. 
If I make a generic "yes/no" radiobutton form "property" I can only use it once per form. Why is there this limitation?
If I instead have each yes/no question as it's own property, I can put the text of the question in the "Title" field but it's too small to read for many of my clients.  I prefer to have the question in larger static text blocks and then the Yes/No option below. 
There also should be an option for clients to initial something. 
The forms are also pretty buggy in the builder.  Example: If you open a static text field on your form and use the mouse to select all the text from bottom to top the field will close spontaneously.
  • Anne Cloudman
  • Jul 19 2019
  • Open For Voting
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