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Smartflow alerting user if another person is working on the flowsheet Merged

It would be very helpful if smartflow would be able to let us know if another user was working on a patient. We have had issues whereas the patient has been double dosed with medication or treatments because more than one person is working on the patient at the same time. This is very concerning to all of us for the welfare of our patients as well as a potential risk management issue to the hospital. Could the smartflow sheet flash when in use, change colour, I am not sure what the answer would be but would be very open to suggestions. Thank you Julie
  • Julie Ball
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
  • Alina Goulding commented
    6 Jan, 2018 02:38am

    Great suggestion, Julie. I echo this request for exact same reasons. We have multiple assistant personnel in a busy hospital for whom patients are not allocated (i.e. assistants pick up tasks from the SmartFlow on first come, first serve basis). There is often a short (yet significant) time lapse between an assistant doing a task and recording it, so another assistant, from another iPad or computer, may assume task is not done yet and head out to repeat the task, unbeknownst. Wonder if an option to "book" a task could be built into SmartFlow, so that the task could be highlighted in a colour signifying it's being executed, with a provisional function for this highlight to revert back to "not done" status within 15 or 20 minutes, unless the person who booked the task updates it with some finalized notes. This option will make our work flow more efficient and will certainly safeguard the patients against double-dosing, double-feeding, double-walking. Thank you! AG