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File Names of PDF documents

Here's a feature request from The Pet Specialists Of Monterey to add to file names date of discharge (or addition)

When the MERGED PDF documents are generated, they include the patient's name and file number. Because of the way some EMR's work, the files that are attached will be replaced if a file of the same name is attached in the future.
This means the staff at Pet Specialists of Monterey have to rename each file for each discharged patient before attaching it to Avimark, if the patient has been seen previously.
By adding a date or other unique identifier to each file name, this would ensure the files are not replaced, as well as possibly making them more easily searchable.

  • Ivan Zak
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
  • Attach files
  • Tina Brunnet commented
    April 11, 2018 18:12

    Yes please fix 

  • Admin
    Ben Nitschke commented
    18 Apr 16:43

    Please be sure the merged pdf name includes the date/time string same as unmerged pdfs.