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Apply date and time to file name at discharge

many practice software programs will include the forms as attachments in the patients records. If the forms have the same name every time a patient returns to the hospital and is discharged then the new file will try to overwrite the previous form when saved. This will benefit Avimark users guaranteed but is likely also a problem anyone saving these documents is running into. 

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  • Feb 5 2018
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  • Guest commented
    February 07, 2018 09:48

    Currently when we download the reports the file name appears as : Reports patient name patient ID# [client name]. No indication of date or time in the file name. Our system saves attachments for each patient in one folder. With this method of file naming the reports have the same name every time the patient is discharged. 

  • Courtenay Watson, RVT commented
    March 14, 2018 17:06

    It seems the merged file does not have a date and time stamp attached.