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Ability to start template with custom number of flowsheets, not just 5

We have many many pets that board for long periods. a dog boarding for 1 month right now has to add  25 flowsheets one by one after the first 5. IT is very time consuming

  • Rosanna DeVere
  • Oct 28 2017
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  • paul eason commented
    November 19, 2018 02:55

    Yes I agree this is enormously frustrating. We have a boarding cattery that we would like to use this for, with up to 50 cats resident. Some stay for 1-2 months. Plus almost 40 hospital cages. 

  • Joseph D commented
    December 20, 2018 16:16

    This is very high priority for facilities that do longer stays and have high volume. Would really increase efficiency and speed. Most of our boarders are for much longer than 5 days. 2 weeks is very common. Staff is very frustrated with the inefficiency of creating patients and adding 15 sheets 1 by 1 on each one.

  • Shannon McCarty commented
    September 04, 2019 19:28

    It would be great if you could just select the in date and out date and Smartflow could just populate the sheets for you. We have around 70 patients in our clinic and baording facility and this would greatly help save our staff time! 

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