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Templates with combined fixed and non-fixed option

A client asked a great question regarding using a non-fixed time template but having a few of the parameters fixed. We currently do not have a "hybrid" template like this available, but would like to know if other clinics would find this useful as well!

For example, if you are a clinic where only specific technicians check charges/billing and you would like this done at shift changes (ie. 8am, 3pm, midnight), we would have a non-fixed time template that allows other treatments to be done at certain intervals (ie. q4, q8), but the "treatment" for check charges would always be added to the template at these fixed times throughout the day.

What do you think? Would this be a useful tool in your practice?

  • Ivan Zak
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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  • Tamera Brabson commented
    September 05, 2018 03:41

    We would love this as well.  For example, surgery likes to do all their weights at 6am.  And we want to check charges and have doctors check/initial treatment sheets at set times, but other things we want on intervals. 

  • Linda Weatherton commented
    September 05, 2018 04:21

    With numerous ER doctors, interns, residents- consistency is key. There are alot of things we do at set hours. 

  • Sarah Porterfield commented
    October 12, 2018 16:45

    I would love to have this feature. I work at a 24 hr emergency clinic so we do not used fixed templates. However we always charge for certain items at the same time every day (such as hospitalization, inpatient exam, etc). It would be nice to be able to fix these line items to a certain time each day without having the entire treatment sheet be on fixed times.

  • Guest commented
    September 25, 2019 09:50

    I would love to have this feature as well.