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Flagging medications

Is there any way to flag medications on the whiteboard. We run a busy hospital and it would be ideal if there was a way that if there was a medication due, it could be flagged in a different way to other treatments.

- Prioritizing the patient flowsheet with different colours will not display on the whiteboard so not effective

- the whiteboard filter solution would be useful however I have just trialled it and it does not seem to work as it does i the you tube video
What I am after in particular is a way of flagging certain items (either singularly or rows) such as medications. That way when we have 15 animals in hospital, the nurses can prioritise their treatments based on the ones that are flagged as most important first. 
  • Matt Rosen
  • Dec 2 2017
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  • Admin
    IDEXX SmartFlow commented
    14 Aug, 2020 11:48pm

    Hi Eleanor,

    Thanks for your comment. To help you prioritize your whiteboard you have a few of options:

    1. Filter

    2. Custom sorting

    3. Color

    Kind regards,

    Ben Nitschke
    Product Manager

  • Eleanor Parsons commented
    12 Aug, 2020 02:31am

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you reached a satisfactory solution- we are new to SmartFlow- but I understand entirely- for example you want it to flag which patients have meds due, vs: those that need to be walked. then all those patients that have meds due at 3pm are done at 3pm and then they are walked/etc by a kennel hand after the nurse has whipped around and ensured they have done the TPRs and administered any time sensitive meds...

    Hoping you guys reached a solution 2.5 years later!

  • Adrian Simon commented
    21 Dec, 2017 12:49am

    hi - perhaps I can expand. In our hospital we will often go through and try to ensure certain items are done first (e.g. medications and critical value monitoring). Then we go back and do less critical items. What Matt and we would like is a way to flag some items as "do these first" and see on the smartflow what patients have critical and normal priority tasks left to do, vs just normal priority vs done.

    So for example on the whiteboard perhaps a when a patient with critical items is due the box would flash red, once those items are done and just normal priority items are left to do for the patient the box would flash yellow as per normal.

    Matt - is this what you were thinking? This is what would work for us at least.

  • Admin
    IDEXX SmartFlow commented
    20 Dec, 2017 11:35am

    Good day, Matt,

    Do you mean that in any given hour you would like to prioritize treatments on one patient over other patients? I understand how you would like to show it on the whiteboard, but I am just struggling to understand how we would explain it to other 450 hospitals we have now: From one point of view - yes, it helps to prioritize one patient's medication over others, but from another angle - this feature helps you to neglect other patients that someone else might have prescribed medication to and did not set up as a "priority one" at the time of admission. The other concern that I would have: what if there are two critical patients? how would you differentiate between them using this feature? This may introduce a lot of confusion on what color means "more important".

    The idea of Smart Flow is to have treatments spread out on the whiteboard aтв they are all performed efficiently. 

    Please let us know if you thought of "priority between different critical patients" for this feature, and maybe we can come up with something from the design point of view.

  • Matt Rosen commented
    18 Dec, 2017 04:11am

    We would just like to update this feature request with some specific information about what we are after- we would like to be able to prioritize the patient's on the whiteboard by the specific medication that is due (not necessarily whether they have medications due), but by the most important medications/treatments that are due. It would be great if we could colour change the cell within the patient flowsheet, so that it comes up on the whiteboard as a priority when it is due. For example; blood glucose might be most important at 2pm- over medications, and we would like this to be prioritsed. Whereas later in the day, medication may be more important for another patient. 

  • Admin
    IDEXX SmartFlow commented
    14 Dec, 2017 12:47pm

    Hi Matt,

    I have a feeling that adjusting filters may work well for your needs. I will get Elise - your Customer Success Manager to get in touch with you to go over this functionality. 

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