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For specialist hospitals - add the referring vet name to the SFS info tab for each patient

I work at a specialist hospital, and therefore we rely completely on our referring vets to send us cases. We use SFS for our hospital rounds each morning and always mention the name of the patient's referring vet clinic when we present the case. In order to have that information easily accessible, we add it as a problem on the patient's problem list. We have just received word from SFS that they will be limiting the number of problems that can be selected for the problem list, and this means that we can no longer do that. 


I would like to suggest that SFS adds the patient's referring vet info to the SFS info tab for each patient. It appears there would be room for this under the area where the client's name/phone number appears on the info tab.

  • Elias Gumpel
  • Feb 25 2020
  • Open For Voting
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