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Ability to add note to the "medication administration" procedure line to show type of medication.

We would like to be able to add a note to the "medication administration" procedure line so that the mediation appears below as a note rather than having to click on the line for the note to appear.  This would prevent possibly giving the wrong medication if the wrong line is accidentally selected. 

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  • Jan 17 2018
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    Ben Nitschke commented
    January 31, 2018 10:18

    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for adding this idea! Could you please make some screenshots of what you mean? That would be very helpful for us! 

    Thank you very much,

    Smart Flow Team

  • Rachel Schwager commented
    August 07, 2019 22:31

    I recently submitted a similar request that includes screen shots of what we would love to see.  It is idea # SF-I-2189.

  • Kacie Ragen Marsee commented
    August 28, 2019 20:58

    I agree with Rachel and her screenshots as well. This would be a huge impact and improvement to patient care/record accuracy